Get the Best Java Cup

French Press Coffee

With high-end coffee shops on the rise, our coffee options have expanded. Enter one of these establishments and it becomes clear, the question is not just what kind of coffee you want (light, medium or dark roast) but also how the coffee is made. Between the pour over, French press, siphon pot and Chemex, getting a cup of coffee has become much more complicated.

It got us thinking about what brewing method makes the best cup? There are a plethora of options so which one do we use? Should we stick to the classic Mr. Coffee that’s been making us coffee all these years, or is it time to make a change? Clearly, I needed to find out which brewing method produces the best cup of coffee.

After reviewing the literature and embarking on our own quest to compare methods here is what we found. The French Press makes the best cup. It makes sense that letting coffee grounds sit surrounded by water would provide the best opportunity to capture all the flavor in the bean. Of course there are other variables, like the beans and water you use.

So how do we get the best cup of java… Here is our recipe for the best cup in town.

  • Start with the best beans you can find. We use organic and fair traded beans. We selected the best 9 roasts to give our customers a great choice.
  • We then fresh grind our great beans for a really fresh cup.
  • We filter our water
  • We French Press our fresh grounds for the best coffee in town

The French Press is great for other reasons. In a French Press you can add flavor without artificial high sugar syrups. In our coffee shop we add flavor by adding organic powders to the brewing process. We can add organic cinnamon, organic pumpkin spice powder, chai spice powder, peppermint leaf, cardamom…the list goes on and on. You can make any kind of coffee roast including espresso.

You can also use the French Press to infuse coffee with high energy teas like Guayusa and Mate. If you haven’t tried infused coffee yet don’t wait. These infused coffees are amazing. You get the health of tea with the power of coffee.

Using the French Press is frugal. You can get a really nice 32 ounce press for around $25.00. It will never just stop working like these high end coffee machines that can run around $300.00. If you break one they are easy to replace. If you want frothy milk for latte or cappuccino a really good frother is about $30.00.

If you are looking for a really good cup of java give the French Press a try.

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