Great Drinks with Ancient History Now Trending

Are you in on all the hottest trends in café drinks? Since our world has become connected we have an incredible opportunity to enjoy healthier drinks by fusing the best of all the worlds. So don’t miss out, get out and try some of these great trends. There are thousands of drinks to be made from tea and coffee. Here are some new trends that are delicious and healthy.

Fuji Apple Matcha

  • We all know that tea has many good health qualities. Lots has been written about green tea and research continues to find more reasons to drink it. There are thousands of green tea blends and different green teas. Just remember to stay with a good loose leaf organic tea. Tea bags and tea drinks my taste pretty good but they are not going to provide any health benefit.
  • Organic Loose Leaf Tea: Our store has more than 70 organic teas to choose from. These teas are not sweetened and are not artificially flavored. You can have any tea in our store hot or cold to go. Click here for out full list of teas.
  • Grade A Matcha: stone ground green tea powder has become a big trend, especially with the millennials. Because Match is a concentrated green tea powder it has 10X the anti-oxidants and L-Theanine found in a cup good loose leaf green tea. Our Matcha is a Grade A Matcha made from the best tencha tea. Our store has a full matcha bar with great matcha options. Try our:
    • Fuji Matcha – This drink can be made hot or cold. It contains, Grade A Matcha, Organic
    • Ginger Powder, Organic apple juice. A slightly sweet delicious way to get the great benefits of Matcha.
    • Coco-Matcha – Contains, Grade A Matcha, Organic Cocoa powder and Organic Coconut milk. A smooth chocolate delight hot or cold.
    • We can make Matcha in a variety of flavors – These organic flavors add depth and brightness to the green Matcha powder. It cuts the overwhelming grassy flavors for Matcha newbies. We can add Organic orange powder, organic ginger powder or organic vanilla extract powder. Great iced.
    • How about a Matcha lemonade. We take Grade A Matcha combine with ice and organic lemonade for a healthy refreshing drink.
    • How about a Dream Protein Matcha drink. We add organic vanilla whey protein to Matcha Grade A. Hot or cold this drink is a delicious way to add 10 grams of protein to your antioxidant brew.
    • How about our Green Caffeine Drink – This is one of my favorite. We combine a shot of espresso, hot of Grade A Matcha and a shot of Organic Cocoa. We can make it hot or cold. A great way to get your caffeine. Yummy!! You can add a little agave if you like it sweeter.
    • Grade A Matcha Latte: Using coconut milk or almond milk. Hot or Cold… Amazing.
  • Guayusa & Yerba Mate: Our guayusa and yerba mate are organic. The rare teas are blended with organic berries, organic jasmine, organic hibiscus and other organic fruits to create a naturally sweet blend that is great iced or not. Both guaysusa and yerba mate are higher in antioxidants than green tea. They also contain other nutrients and amino acids that makes these teas great. Remember that getting prepared drinks with these teas will not provide you with the health benefits you will get from steeping organic whole leaf tea.
  • Coffee: We have great organic fair traded coffee. We grind fresh coffee for each cup we make and make each cup using a French press. This method allows all the grounds to be surrounded by water extracting all the available flavor into your cup. There is another advantage to using a French press. Since the coffee will cook in the French press for several minutes, you can add organic powders to make a favored coffee without super sweet syrups that are artificially flavored. When you get a flavored coffee in our store, we make it using organic powders that add natural flavor. We use organic powders to make the following Coffee flavors:
    • Cinnamon Blast – made with fresh ground organic Sumatran coffee, Organic Cinnamon powder and filtered water.
    • Chai Spice – made with fresh ground organic Sumatran coffee, Organic chai spice powder and filtered water.
    • Pumpkin Spice – made with fresh ground organic Sumatran coffee, Organic Pumpkin spice powder and filtered water.
    • Peppermint – made with fresh ground organic Sumatran coffee, Organic peppermint leaf and filtered water.
    • Vanilla Bean – made with fresh ground organic Sumatran coffee, Organic vanilla extract powder and filtered water.
    • Mocha – made with fresh ground organic Sumatran coffee, Organic Hot Cocoa powder and filtered water.
    • Nutmeg – made with fresh ground organic Sumatran coffee, Organic fresh ground nutmeg and filtered water.
    • We usually use our organic medium roast Sumatran to make our flavored coffees, however we can make them with our dark roast or our light roast.
    • Espresso – We also make espresso using a French press and espresso roasted fresh ground beans.
  • Java Sen
    • These coffees are made by infusing them with Guayusa or Yerba Mate. The tea is added to the French press and allowed to infuse the coffee. You get caffeine and health benefits from both the coffee and the tea. A unique flavor with a unique feel. The next time you are thinking of increasing your metabolism, becoming more alert or getting extra work done. Try these great coffee infusions, these will definitely rev up your day. Better than any diet pill.
  • Italian Soda
    • We make our Italian sodas using gourmet white balsamics. We make two flavors, Raspberry and Chocolate Covered Cherries. We use an ounce of our gourmet balsamic with 100% natural seltzer, topped with ice and a cherry. Great refresher.


Stop by our store anytime you are in the area and try some of our trending drinks. We look forward to seeing you.

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